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February 19-23, 2014
Citi Shubert Theatre
Wednesday | 7pm
Thursday | 5:30pm
Friday | 6:30pm
Saturday | 12:30pm
Saturday | 5:30pm
Sunday | 2pm
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These acrobatic daredevils from down-under bring pluck and sass to their wildly entertaining, irreverent, and family-friendly performances; that’s why they are the National Circus of Australia. Circus Oz is FUN!

Credited with revitalizing a traditional art form in a uniquely Australian way, Circus Oz is a rock ‘n’ roll, animal-free circus that has influenced the development of circus arts around the world since its foundation. Adults and children can enjoy Circus Oz together and appreciate the breathtaking stunts, irreverent humor, rousing music and an all-human ensemble. Circus Oz promotes the best of the Australian spirit: generosity, diversity, and death-defying bravery.
From the Ground Up has an appeal that owes something to vaudeville as well as the circus. Not that it stints on the physical thrills: there are plenty of acrobatics and ceiling-scraping, rope-swinging feats, which earn genuine gasps from the kids in the house.”
—The New York Times

Great for ages 5 and over!

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