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Stream the Album: Joan Osborne’s Songs of Bob Dylan

Joan Osborne has always had a fascination with Bob Dylan. Her multi-platinum 1995 debut, Relish, as well as 2000’s Righteous Love both give nods to the great American songwriter with covers of “Man in the Long Black Coat” and “Make You Feel My Love,” respectively. She’s even shared a mic with the songwriter: Back in 1998, she was invited to record a duet version of “Chimes of Freedom” for the NBC mini-series The ‘60s.

So it’s no surprise that, when New York City’s Café Carlyle invited her for a residency gig last year, the singer opted to dedicate each evening to celebrating the great Dylan catalog. And, it was that series of shows—followed by a second residency the following year—that spawned the idea of recording her latest work, Songs of Bob Dylan. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Osborne praises the music legend: “I don’t think it’s hyperbole to talk about Dylan as an artist who’s on the same level as Pablo Picasso or William Shakespeare. He’s really an epic poet of America, and any singer can find such an incredible wealth and richness in his material, not just me.”

Released September 1, Songs of Bob Dylan marks Osborne’s ninth studio album, and it’s been received with much acclaim. Reinterpreting a collection of gems like “Tangled Up in Blue” and “Highway 61 Revisited,” the singer brings her own style to Dylan classics, and American Songwriter praises the way “she sheds new light on old material, exposes some seldom heard Dylan gems and proves once again how flexible and powerful his work remains.”

Osborne tells the Huffington Post, “What’s been happening in the country, politically and socially, makes it all the more timely to do a record of Dylan songs. Songs he wrote 50 years ago, you listen to them now and they sound like they’re talking about what we’re all experiencing as a culture right now. So, it turns out to be even more timely than even we had anticipated.”

You can stream the album in its entirety in our Spotify playlist below. Please note: to listen to the full songs on this playlist, you’ll need a Spotify account. Sign up for a free account here.

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