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Un, Deux, Trois … 3 Reasons to See Compagnie Accrorap

Founded by French choreographer Kader Attou, Compagnie Accrorap began as a collective of talented hip-hop dancers. Now traveling the world with 11 of the industry’s top male dancers, they’ll bring their high energy performances of The Roots to the Boch Shubert Theatre February 2-3, 2018. Don’t miss these 11 phenoms in their Boston debut!

Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t miss Compagnie Accrorap:


Un: The founder of Compagnie Accrorap mixes choreographic styles

Founder of Compagnie Accrorap, Kadder Attou (pictured left), originally from Lyon, France, created a new “movement language” utilizing hip hop, Indian kathak, and contemporary dance. Once thought of as street dance, Attou elevates the style to a stage-ready art form, thrilling audiences every step of the way. He believes mashing up these styles teaches the dancers and audiences about not only each genre, but also about other cultures and people.. Attou was appointed Director of the National Choreographic Center of La Rochelle / Poitou-Charentes in France in 2008, becoming the first hip hop choreographer appointed to lead such an institution.


They’ll bring you on a human adventure

The Roots returns to the sources of hip hop: human adventure, personal discovery, and a dive into Compagnie Accrorap’s poetic universe. Eleven hip hop dancers act as interpreters (of what?) by creating an ensemble which functions in total symbiosis.

You’ll see movement that courses and flows through the human body, along with intense physicality that challenges the performers in front of your eyes. The dancers embark on a journey of intricate and detailed partnering, something you might not think of when you hear “hip hop.”

The concept of travel and cultural experience feeds into every performance, and the company draws inspiration from their voyages to Palestine, Algeria, Brazil, Cuba, India, and other countries around the world.



Trois: The composer of the music for The Roots lists Depeche Mode and Hildegard of Bingen as musical influences

The musician-composer Régis Baillet (pictured left) gathers musical inspiration from across the centuries. He counts among his musical influences the multi-hyphenate composer-polymath-abbess Hildegard of Bingen, born over 900 years ago in Germany! He also draws inspiration from modern composers like Arvo Pärt and Steve Reich, as well as from some of the fathers of classical music, such as Bach and Beethoven. His hunger for a wide range of styles blends into the music of The Roots, and the dancers draw on his beats and flows to inspire their movements. You’ll hear intense hip-hop beats, trance-like electro music, and soaring violin lines.


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