KODO, Dadan 2017
KODO, Dadan 2017  

Sunday, March 19
Symphony Hall at 5pm
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KODO celebrates its 35th Anniversary in 2016-17 by bringing Dadan 2017 to North America. Dadan is the latest work by KODO’s renowned Artistic Director Tamasaburo Bando and offers a bold new exploration of Japanese drumming traditions. KODO continues to be that rare combination of supreme artistry and physical endurance, which creates a mesmerizing, riveting and spiritual experience enjoyed by millions around the world.

“Balancing a deadly aggression with utter tranquility, their sound stretches from the lightest of rainfall to cataclysmic thunderclaps, from pleasant laughter to discordant fear and from silence to - just once here - a wall of sound, as high, frightening and impregnable as a mountain." —The Guardian

"...this was a typical Kodo evening: a celebration of music, of physicality, of life. But it was delivered with a sort of manic intensity that spoke to the import of the moment more eloquently than any words could have."
—New York Times

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